We believe you can remain a passionate surfer while hanging around your friends, family and daily routine here in Scandinavia. It’s all out there, a short drive and you got epic conditions and empty lineups. It’s there for the believers, the ones who dare to search. Fjord Surfboards is such a group, a group of creative individuals with a passion. Actually many passions, too many, but with a common goal, to have fun, enjoy nature and surf.
Use the power of the ocean to increase our level of happiness, our sense of living and our mind free. We also like to share, we strive to share and therefore we unite our knowledge and passion to increase your wave count. You have to do the hard work yourself, wake up early, drive the distance, get wet. But we can ensure you that if you are on a Fjord Surfboard, you’ll catch more waves and become a better you! Follow your passion!

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